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developing story out of north korea. two american journalists behind bars for months appear to be on their way home thanks to a secret mission by former president bill clinton. the two were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor accused of illegally crossing the border. tonight a pardon and what north korea might want in return. tom fitzgerald is following the new developments. >> reporter: as former president bill clinton stepped off his plane in north korea, the secret trip may have been a surprise to the outside world but the white house was keeping quiet. >> this was a private mission that we weren't going to comment on while the former president was on the ground in north korea. >> reporter: clinton met with kim i will i don't think. negotiations were son followed by a media report that the leader had pardoned the
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americans. laura ling and euna lee some say were pawns to achieve the real goal. >> die a long with the u.s -- die a long with the u.s. >> reporter: the recent actions, missile tests are aimed at getting one on one negotiations with the united states. >> they feel they have been isolated. they are not treated as equals with the u.s. >> reporter: with north korea in financial ruin and kim ill young reportedly ill, the white house should go slowly. >> the question is what is the message. >> reporter: the senior south asian fellow for relations said president clinton's mission had
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a singular goal of releasing the girls. >> i wouldn't expect the north koreans will change their position on demanding nuclear weapon status as a precondition to returning to talks or anything else. >> in the past hour, the families of laura ling and euna lee issued a web site. they say that they are overjoyed at the news of the pardon, thanked president obama, hillary clinton and former president clinton and counting the minutes until they see the won again. >> another local soldier killed in the line of duty. a native of fairfax. the defense department said the three died during an insurgent attack in afghanistan. the 42-year-old was a father and member of the mississippi national guard. now on the news edge, a day care scare on capitol hill. a suspicious van was spotted near the day care building around noon kids were evacuated as a
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precaution. the van was not a threat. investigators gave the all clear. kids were allowed back inside a remember the controversial checkpoints last summer in trinidad? police are back in the neighborhood. this time reaching out to young people in hopes of squelching the violence before it can start. wisdom martin is live in the northeast with the news edge on this. >> we are at the rose recreation center where there will be a lot of police. there will be police around the city. this is national night out a concept that started in 1984. there are lot of activities planned here including basketball thawill be taking place over there between people in the community and people in other communities as well. also on the agenda for tonight, outreach to children in the neighborhood with jobs and workshops on auto theft prevention. they will get a chance to meet beat officers, the officers that walk through the neighborhood on a regular basis. last year nationwide in all 50
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states, 50,000 communities participated in national night out. the goal is simple. heighten crime awareness, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police partnerships and send a message to criminals that people are organized and fighting back against crime. >> they are trying to find the interest of the people in the community, things that they like to do, want to do. we reach out to them and just any suggestions, any requests from them and see if we can carry out those issues. >> this is a big deal in this community as well as communities nationwide. last year some 35 million people participated in national night out. we will have much more at 10:00. >> see you then. a couple of notes from the transportation beat. a train on the metro orange line is out of service after reports a door came open in the middle of a run. a report came in after 5:00 between federal center southwest. nobody was hurt. it's not clear how far the door opened but the train stopped
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right away which it does automatically when it does without the operator. metro trying to keep good on the promise of keeping passengers up to date in the wake of june's deadly train crash. the general manager, john catoe worked the crowd handing out informational pamphlets to the riders. >> the agency has been handing out wires the last few days to the customers on the red line to have them understand some of the disruptions that might go on and for notice apologize for that and to give them some information when we think the system is going tcome back to the normal schedule. >> metro's web site has a page dedicated to keeping customers informed. it's not your grandfather's light rail. that's what maryland governor martin o'malley says about the state's proposal for purple line. a project dogged by protests
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since day one. announced a light rail, not a bus system is the choice of travel from bethesda to new carlton. sarah simmons has the news edge on that one. >> reporter: the purple line is 10 years in the making. today the governor announced the plan is n place for light rail. thnext step is asking for the money in order to do it. the dream of the purple line is on paper. after years of debate over bus or light rail, martin o'malley made the announcement today. >> we are here to announce that we are delivering on the vision by moving forward with our plans to develop the light rail option for the purple line. >> reporter: lawmakers say bringing light rail would be cheaper in the long run, best for the environment and more rider friendly. the rail line would extend from bethesda to prince george in carlton county.
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>> it will be sleek, quiet, it will below to the ground. this is not your grandfather's light rail. >> reporter: the light rail hasn't gone over well with some residents in montgomery county. the above ground line is designed to run right along the capitol trail but the overwhelming support from advocates and lawmakers in both counties seal the deal. >> that our workers are facing commutes that range from, you know, 20 minutes one day and the same commute could be an hour, hour and a half the next day because of the complications of transportation before they start to design engineer the project they have to get the $1.5 billion approved. the hope is the purple line will be up and running by 2016. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. once the line is built, metro will be responsible for running the purple line. this statement reads:
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still ahead on the "news edge at 6:00," is this a dude or a lady? even montgomery county police aren't sure. either way, the person is in big trouble. drivers textingbehind the wheel causing crashes. now the federal government is taking action. and cash for clunkers is running on fumes. 
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no vote on health care for cash for clunkers, that will pass according to harry reid tonight. they have to vote to throw another $2 billion at the program. it has run through the original $1 billion. put wn the phone. that's the message from transportation secretary ray
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lahood. he says if it was up to him, texting and driving would be altogether. laura evans with the edge on what he plans to do. >> he won't out right ban it not on his own but he is going to convene a summit involving everyone from transportation officials to law enforcement types to congressman to find out what to do about distracted drivers on their cell phones. new evidence shows texting while iving increases your risk of a crash exponentially. one study he found it's more dangerous than drinking and driving and linked to deadly train wrecks like this one in california. >> we know texting while driving is dangerous. i promise you we will do something bit. >> how to enforce it but to have that law around i think would help to detour people from doing it. >> i don't know. a nationwide ban, i don't know if that is appropriate but it should not be allowed. >> the governor's highway safety association says it does not support a nationwide ban
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because of how hard it would be to enforce. if would you rather skip the road trip and fly instead, add extra time to your trip. the airlines didn't do well with leaving and getting in on time in june. the overall rating dropped about 5% in a month. half the delays were weather related. hawaiian airlines was most likely on time and the worst com air. this wanted woman may be no woman at all. what she stole during a high end heist and how she got away, next. they have an app fo everything. iphone taking on sexual offenders. there's something bi happening at pizza hut.
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the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. check out the surveillance video. police say this woman, quote unquote is suspected of shoplifting a $2,000 gown. it may not be what she seems. police aren't sure she is a woman at all. paul wagner has more on the unusual case. >> reporter: the investigating detective things the well dressed shoplifter is a man. other officers that viewed the same footage aren't sure. whoever the suspect is, he, she was savvy enough and strong enough to pull apart a security device attached to a $2,400 dress. dressed in a miniskirt and sandals, the suspect walked into saks fifth avenue, wondered to an area of the store where there were no
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employees and lifted an expensive knit dress off the rack. with the security device disabled, the suspect made for the door where the person was stopped by a loss prevention officer. as the two were talking, the officer was disstractd by another person leaving the store. that's when the suspect pulled a can of pepper spray and unleashed a stream of the liquid in his face. montgomery police detectives say he is fairly certain he is looking -- dealing with a man. >> you look at the build, the other features, it appears to be a guy. but just because it's a big person in stature does not mean couldn't be a female. >> reporter: the suspect was last seen running down wisconsin avenue heading for the subway. police are hoping some of the viewers know who this person is and will give them a call tonight, 240-773-6330. brian in. >> thank you, paul. is there anything you can't do on an iphone? a new application that allows
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users to search for nearby sexual offenders? it pulls data from the sexual offenders regular industries of all 50 states to have a searchable database. you can use the phone's built software, gps or input an address. a tool bag lost in space met a fiery demise -- this is the wrong video. sue, would you love to know. >> imagine it being dark. we are in space. there is a wing from station. >> got that. >> $100,000 bag broke free during the space walk. >> there it is. >> do i paint pictures with word or what. >> you do. >> the u.s. air force joint space operation center said the bag plunged toward earth and burned up as it reentered the atmosphere. >> we had 100 phone calls on the fox 5 news desk saying what was that bright thing going over the bay.
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>> ufo or a $100,000 tool bag. >> speaking of things that fly in from out of space, meteor showers in the next few days. >> depend on the cloud cover. >> and the moon is almost full, too. what a segue. >> nice. >> the jefferson memorial. mostly dry tonight. it's a little hazy. we saw it earlier. humidity dropped a bit. it has been a hot and sticky day and tomorrow we keep the hot and stucky going and add a thunderstorm into the mix. we are starting with true view. we had a couple of showers mostly across the shenandoah valley. they are weakening a bit drifting to the east. a heavier line to the south. salisbury and toward the beaches, not so much salisbury but along the ocean, they did fire up a few things. let me show you a big mcs.
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this is a long lived cluster of thunderstorms this will be moving to the south. it had a big impact, especially across kentucky and tennessee. tomorrow's weather, this frontal system still out well to the west, it just cleared the chicago area, that will be coming in our direction. that's why we will have a ance of showers and thunderstorms. but that big batch will miss us. 89 in the district. dulles 88. where we have seen it raining, especially across kentucky, temperatures are in the 60s there. but let's go ahead and show you the max hd air quality. i want to talk about the fact that today was a code orange day. we had few of those. unhealthy for sensitive groups, children and seniors, anyone with a respiratory disease, limit the outdoor activity. in the future, we are not expecting one tomorrow, but a great way to help the atmosphere and use mass transit, fuel up the car after dusk and avoid gas power
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mowers. max hd futurecast shows showers and storms scattered about the area by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. they will be around into wednesday night and maybe the first part of thursday morning before things drift more to the south along with a frontal system. perhaps showers for the beaches into the first half of thursday then it keeps going. friday is looking like it will be nice. we expect to see the temperature in the morning at 79 degrees. dry at noon, 88 degrees. by 4:00 91, perhaps a few showers around. they won't be severe but perhaps gusts up to 30 miles per hour and a lot of heavy rain in them. we will keep thursday on the dry side. friday if we see any storms, they will be isolated. thursday and friday looking good. there could be a few storms around. sunday maybe one of the hottest days. we had a 96 so far this year. they will be challenging it at 94. did you see it, president
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obama giving us a birthday surprise to a member of the press corps? helen thomas turned 89 today. president obama surprised the news woman during the press briefing. they sang happy birthday to her and it's the president's 48th birthday. after helping thomas blow out c he said she and thomas shared the same birthday wish. >> helen wished for world peace but she and i had a common birthday wish. she hopes for a real health care reform bill. >> ever the diplomat. he told thomas he would leave it up to her as to how the cupcakes were distributed. didn't appear there were enough for everyone in the press corps. the virginia lottery launched redskins mania. you can win up to a million dollars. losing tickets can be entered for a chance to win season tickets for 20 ears and other
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prizes. it costs $20 apiece. redskins training camp continues with dave feldman calling the action. >> when we come back, update on the injury front and antoine randall he will will tell you how to keep your job if you are a veteran.
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>> welcome to red skin park where the redskins had one practice early this morning and this afternoon a special teams practice. the players left the meetings and they have gone back to the
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dorms to prepare for tomorrow's practice. today there were issues on the injury front. mainly with the offensive line which is started to resemble a mash unit. head coach jim zorn, what do you have. >> handy got a sore knee and he felt like when he tried to really anchor and put a load on it, it was a little bit abrasive. we held him out. mike williams hurt his groin a bit. he has a little muscle bull. stefan hire has a knee -- got banged up in the goal line drill and had -- has a little bruise on his knee. i don't know theextent of it. >> morning practice had coach d digging into the bag of tricks. next target practice hitting the square in the net. the drills are a nice change of pace. >> now another one.
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a new one. it has a meaningful purpose. he tried to make humor out of it, make it fun. don't make it bothering, have fun with it. that's all he tries to does. >> antwan randle el is being pushed. he is ready to give advice to stay on top. >> the idea toys come in and be ready. you can't use training camp any longer to come in and get in shape. you have to be ready already. as you get older like me, after the young guys that try to take your spot. you want to come in and be totally prepared knowing your routes, be in shape. that is two things get you thrown out real quick, out of shape and not knowing your play book. back to you, buddy. >> each week at this time we will give you an example of a
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red skin fan that thinks he or she is the best in the business. it's our installment of the redskins most rabid fan. each player or person has 20 seconds to tell us why they are the best. >> anthony middleton, number one redskins fan. i believe the burgundy and gold. i have been doing this for 33 years now. i have tats but i can't show all of them. we are going all the way this year. i hope campbell has a breakout season. i feel like he has been done wrong. i hope he takes us all the way. >> jason campbell will be on the cover of "sports illustrated." let's hope si jinks doesn't happen. he is critical of the redskins. he said sometimes in the off season i felt like a piece of tissue they were trying to flush down the toilet speaking of when they tried to trade for jay cutler and draft mark sanchez. jason campbell on the cover of "sports illustrated" on your darn step tomorrow criticizing
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the redskins. >> at least it's not the maiden jinks. >> that's true. >> wish for the best. thanks. >> now you have the news edge. news is always on back here tonight at 10:00. hope you will be too. 'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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